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Parlance of piercing the middle of cloth
From: Dongguan Gaobu Lyter Safety Shoes Material Factory Post date: 2018-04-24

The anti piercing cloth medium is also known as "the bottom of the bulletproof fabric" and "the middle of the camp". It not only has the characteristics of the traditional metal anti piercing middle bottom, that is the strong anti piercing ability of the medium bottom and stainless steel medium, but also has the resistance to zigzag, light weight, acid and alkali oil, soft, comfortable, non electric, metal detector and so on. The advantages that can not be compared with the middle bottom. Using the special shoes made by "her", while providing full foot safety protection for the wearer, it can effectively reduce the wearer's foot fatigue, and then improve the working efficiency and improve the fighting power.

Non metal anti piercing activities insole not only has the convenience of using insoles, but also integrates the functions of piercing, deodorizing, antibacterial, mildewing, and anti-seismic. Therefore, as long as any shoe boots are put into the movable insole, the boot becomes a stab proof shoe, thereby effectively protecting the wearer from the injury of sharp objects.

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