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What are the advantages of plastic Baotou
Post date: 2018-04-24

The plastic Baotou has the following advantages:
1. With a higher weight ratio; when the strength is equal, the weight of the shoe head is about 50% of the steel shoe head (about 45g about the average weight of each series). The same type of shoe head is about 5g-15g less than that of the hot solid composite shoe head.
2, high degree of freedom of product design, can produce uneven thickness, streamline appearance of the body (color can be arbitrarily deployed, finished surface high degree of finish.
3. The weather resistance, resistance, corrosion resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance are good 4, the product is made of thermoplastic material. Compared with the safety shoe head of thermosetting material, the shoe head can be recycled and reused. The material of nontoxic safety shoe sole is usually molded with polyurethane material once. It has oil resistance, wear resistance, acid alkali resistance, insulation, waterproof, Light weight, light weight and good softness. The different safety shoes of 50%-60%, which weigh only the rubber bottom, have different functions, and their application ranges are also different.
4, to protect toe safety: the safety performance of inner Baotou is AN1 grade. It is suitable for metallurgy, mine, forestry, port, loading and unloading, quarrying, machinery, construction, petroleum, chemical industry and so on.
5, anti piercing safety: anti piercing strength of grade 1, suitable for mines, fire, construction, forestry, cold work, machinery industry.

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