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The important role of steel Baotou in safety shoes
From: Dongguan Gaobu Lyter Safety Shoes Material Factory Post date: 2018-04-24

The impact resistance of the ladle head of the safety shoes is tested by a steel impact hammer with a specified weight. The height of the gap under the impact of the ladle head under the impact of Baotou should be less than the specified value, and there should not be any penetrating cracks in the direction of the test axis in Baotou. It is worth noting that the weight, specifications, impact height and the structure of the test machine are different in the national standards, and the actual test should be distinguished.
Safety shoes are the general name of safety shoes and protective shoes. Generally, footwear is used in different working situations to protect the foot and leg from foreseeable damage. Safety protective shoes belong to high technical content and high value-added footwear. The production process of safety protective shoes is very high for raw materials, auxiliary materials, chemicals, mechanical equipment and so on. At present, many domestic shoes making enterprises with certain scale and grade have put their eyes on the safety shoes which have been occupied by the developed countries. Field. Steel and Baotou play an indispensable role in it.

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