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The application of steel Baotou in the protective boots of firefighters
From: Dongguan Gaobu Lyter Safety Shoes Material Factory Post date: 2018-04-24

Firefighters' fire-fighting protective rubber boots are routine personal protective equipment for firemen. The protective boots can enter the general fire scene and the scene of the accident to carry out fire fighting and rescue work, and the protective boots are steel bottom and steel Baotou.
1. Protective boots with steel bottom and ladle head can not be used:
(1) chemical accidents with strong corrosive liquids and gases.
(2) use of strong penetrant military poison and biological virus in the accident scene.
The live accident scene, etc.
The above occasions are not suitable for wearing protective boots, because they can not provide effective protection and are strictly prohibited in the above premises.
2, the application of the steel middle bottom to the protective boots
(1) the bottom of the steel is provided with steel bottom to improve its anti puncture performance.
2. There are rubber insulating layer, insulating paper, foam comfort layer and cotton wool lining on the bottom and bottom sides of the steel.
3, steel Baotou in the use of the protective boots
(1) boots are equipped with steel Baotou to improve the anti smashing performance.
2. Inside and outside the steel Baotou, there are insulating rubber layer, sponge comfort layer, insulation paper, foam comfort layer and cotton wool cloth lining.
The application of steel bottom and steel Baotou in firemen's protective boots has greatly improved the personal safety of firemen and ensured the smooth progress of fire fighting.

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