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What shoes to wear at construction sites - anti-smash, anti-puncture safety shoes
From: Dongguan Gaobu Lyter Safety Shoes Material Factory Post date: 2019-03-08

Construction sites are dangerous places for people who have been working on construction sites for a long time. Therefore, various protective measures, such as safety rope, safety helmet, safety shoes, protective gloves and other appliances, must be taken to work on the site. For personal safety, the head is the most important, but our feet can not be ignored, so how do we protect our feet?
The construction site often encounters sharp objects such as nails or debris left behind; if the foot is accidentally stepped on, the slightest person injures our sole, causing skin damage and bleeding; the most important thing is that it may penetrate our sole, seriously endangering the safety of the injured person's walking later. (Recommended anti-puncture safety shoes)
If falling objects and heavy objects fall over carelessly, they will hit the foot, resulting in foot injuries, resulting in redundant expenditures for industrial injuries; (Recommended anti-smashing safety shoes)
Underground operations and low-level operations may cause feet to soak in rotten water or other toxic liquids, which may also harm our foot skin; in a short time, there may be minor skin problems such as itching; in a long time, pressing, heavy people will cause skin ulceration, affecting the safety of walking in the future. (Recommended waterproof safety shoes)

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